In 2012 dancer/choreographer Hannah Buckley was commissioned by Aquinas College Stockport to create a dance piece with graduating students. Entitled 'That's the Way I See It', the work is a structured improvisation in response to David Hockneys autobiography of the same title. Buckley believes Hockney's thoughts on photography and drawing are transferable to movement, choreography and the body. With his concepts of time/space, artistic interests, and work being the foundation of the piece.


"...We cant all be seeing the same things; we are all seeing something a bit different..."  D. Hockney  


WeAreWillow were invited to write a piece of music to accompany the choreography. Similarly responding to David Hockney's biography, Buckley provided Chris Butler with a series of quotes from the book which would inspire the track. The final piece of music evolved into both a song and instrumental version produced by Simon Connor.


'That's the Way I See It' was performed by students at Buxton Fringe festival, and then re interpreted by professional dancers. This re worked piece was performed at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester for the 'The Hockney Loft Party' After Hours event in December 2012 in response to the 'Hockney To Hogarth : A Rakes Progress' exhibition