'Found In Translation' is based around how meaning is redefined and new meanings discovered when songs are translated from one language to another.


When lyrics are translated the meaning inevitably changes in accordance with the language and culture they are translated into. In order to translate an emotion or feeling and allow the audience to relate to the song, the translator will use cultural references that vary according to nationalities. Furthermore melody is altered through the variance in rhyme and rhythm between languages. These changes give birth to a new creation. A fresh piece of work defined by the language the work is translated into.


With this concept in mind the lyrics of 4 songs written and recorded in English by Chris Butler will be translated into French. 4 French acts of different genres will be presented with only the translated lyrics and the key of the original song. They will be invited to write their own piece of music using this material. These French lyrics will then be retranslated into English by a third party and presented to 4 UK acts who will write tracks based around these new lyrics. The second stage will be to invite 4 UK artists to visually interpret the French songs, and 4 French visual artists to interpret the English songs. Allowing the translation to continue and develop through visual language.


The end result - 8 songs and 8 pieces of visual art all based on Butler's original lyrics - will be exhibited in a group exhibition in the UK and France with a live performance of the music. Exploring the interpretations and discoveries made through translation of language and medium.


More information to follow.