At the beginning of 2010 Chris Butler set himself the task of  recording and releasing 3 EP’s within a year, with 3 different friends/fellow musicians he admired - and to tour the material in the UK and abroad. The aim being to create an eclectic body of songs which would take all involved a step away from their current sound.



Part One

With singer - songwriter Kathryn Edwards, produced by Ben McGarvey, made its live debut on ‘Record Store Day’ in Montreal during a small tour of Canada. After a succession of UK dates the duo travelled down the West Coast of America in the summer of 2011 playing a series of ‘part one’ gigs along the way.


Part 3

With Sam Lench of ‘Samson & Delilah’ was produced by Seadna Mcphail. The EP was toured throughout the UK alongside performances from Butler/Connor/Lench playing tracks from parts one and two. The 3 exchanging instruments throughout the set, sharing vocal duties depending who wrote what from the releases.


Part Two

Produced by Brendan Williams saw Butler collaborate with Simon Connor of Manchester 3 piece ‘Yields’. The pair played a week of pre release gigs in Barcelona, including after hours shows in art galleries and clothing boutiques, before airing their wares back in the UK.


The end of this trilogy gave way to the 12 inch record release '348 Miles'. This mileage being the sum total distance all of the 4 collaborators birth places from the city of Manchester, where they met through music. A track from each of the release's on the A side remixed by Roman Moses on the B side.